The Brick Mason’s Sons

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Advance Praise For The Brick Mason’s Sons:

“Ben Spencer’s The Brick Mason’s Sons is a slice of Americana we’ve needed for a long time. It’s an honest family portrait, one that digs deep into generations of our culture and dissects our jigsaw puzzle piece-by-piece, member-by-member. Spencer’s prose is as firmly rooted in realism as it is fantastical, stringing together both the hard, cold facts and surreal symbolism in a way that is beautiful, elegant, and so very humanizing. When we read The Brick Mason’s Sons, we’re glimpsing our friends, our relatives, and ourselves, and we’re seeing each one through each other’s eyes. The result is an objective view of our family, of Americana, of the world and all its working innards through the national pastime of baseball. With each swing of the bat, we see the grime and the machinery all around us, and we know where both came from.

“The Brick Mason’s Sons is a must-read for anyone looking to delve deep and understand humanity. It’s an adventure into the wounded soul, a quest for the life force we call “spirit.” Ben Spencer is Prometheus reborn, bringing down that fire to once again purify us all from darkness.”

–Scott Waldyn, editor-in-chief of Literary Orphans

“The cocksure fathers and sons and brothers in Spencer’s book play like Piedmont-bred descendants of Larry McMurtry’s bull-headed boys in Horseman, Pass By. And where McMurtry’s ornery Texans hide their tensions in bar fights and bull rides, Spencer’s men bind their lives up in the baseballs and basketballs that so often stand in for Southern Pride. They’re real men of quiet desperation, with private pathos literally written on their skin.”

– Stephen Brower, Easy Sound Recording Co.