Ben Spencer

Writer of Fantasy Fiction


Ben Spencer grew up in Jackson Creek, NC, a rural paradise that, according to most maps, doesn’t technically exist. After a childhood spent tromping through woods and falling asleep against the trunks of towering white oaks, Ben ventured forth to study history at Charlotte University in the metropolis sharing the school’s namesake.

And what did he do with his history degree? He taught. Oh my, did he ever teach. For two-plus decades Ben shared his passion for all things past with the beaucoup 7th graders to pass through his class. But during that time, Ben nurtured an even stronger passion. His love of writing.

Over two decades, Ben wrote multiple short stories, novellas, and novels. Some glimpsed the light of day. Others did not. Best known for his epic fantasy novella series, The Deer King, Ben’s shorter works appeared in Literary Orphans, Corner Bar Magazine, and Scholars & Rogues. To his great satisfaction, he was also nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

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