The Deer King Series


The Deer King: Novella One

The Sundering: Novella Two

Last of the Baronites: Novella Three



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(The Events in The Deer King: Novella One take place between 197 and 199 A.D. (A.D. stands for After Drey, meaning the arrival of the Harrish explorer Edward Drey in Tsadanli, later named Dreyland by the Harrish).

  • Brutus Rain – Emmaline Rain’s father.
  • Joseph Rain – Emmaline Rain’s brother.
  • Dillon and Regina Houghton – Emmaline’s Neighbors.
  • Boselmia – (aka the Fecheholo, aka the Raven Queen). Born in 128 A.D.
  • Prala – Boselmia’s brother, Shayo’s uncle. Born in 145 A.D.
  • Oostri – Breekish man.
  • Shayo – Boselmia (The Raven Queen’s) daughter.
  • Clay and Seywa – Oostri and Shayo’s children.
  • Kern – A priest of the Bronze Titan, keeper of the Saving Stones.
  • Doshensa – healer in the Massaporan village Kern visits. One of the Koeceti.
  • Twichi – Massaporan villager.
  • Edgar and Anne Broggs – Proprietor of the Last Traveler.
  • Doc Pritchard – Mossbane’s physician.
  • Reed Hall – Guest at the Last Traveler.
  • Henry Malls – Sheriff of Mossbane.



  • Boselmia – The Raven Queen (in Massaporan, the Fecheholo)
  • Notel – The Deer King (in Massaporan, the Dachahelu)
  • Maisa – The Raven Queen before Boselmia, Boselmia’s mother
  • Wolfresh – Massaporan Chieftain, founder of the modern Massaporan nation of Wolfresh
  • Doido Mass – Nephew of Wolfresh, also known as Cloudworm
  • Doshensa – Doido’s son, one of the seven Koeceti
  • Prala – Boselmia’s half-brother (executed by Harrish settlers in Haven)
  • Hasol – Minor Massaporan chieftain
  • Ayyit – Boselmia’s lover in her old age
  • Cayap – Minor Massaporan chieftain in the north, father of Shayo, Boselmia’s daughter
  • Jueshwella – Cayap’s wife, Boselmia’s lover for a time when she was younger
  • Shayo – Boselmia’s daughter
  • Hiata Oxaway – Effanarem Chieftain, founder of the modern Effanarem nation of Oxaway
  • Daniel Redgrave – Olgard ambassador to the indigenous nations of Wolfresh and Oxaway
  • Brigand and Mathias Potter – Identical Twins; Brigand killed the 4th Deer King, Yestric
  • Etu – One of the seven Koeceti
  • Aagili – One of the seven Koeceti
  • Ash – Keebro priest
  • Jaan – Boselmia’s friend when she was a girl

 Deities referenced in The Sundering

 The Raven Queen (Fecheholo in Massaporan)

The first Raven Queen was born or created before the onset of time, and died sometime after the death of the first reincarnation of the Deer King

  • Bo – Born 368 B.D.  Died 297 B.D.
  • Maisa – Born 106 A.D.  Died 176 A.D.
  • Boselmia – Born 128 A.D.  Died 199 A.D.

The Deer King (Dachahelu in Massaporan)

The first Deer King was born or created before the onset of time, and died at the hands of Funato, the Rain God

  • Notel – the 2nd Deer King, or, the first reincarnation of the Deer King
  • Ahuszill – the 3rd Deer King, aka The Deer King who ruled
  • Yestric – the 4th Deer King
  • Riiyisti – the 5th Deer King
  • Notel – the 6th Deer King

FunatoA Jindois god also known as the Rain God, still worshipped by the Effanarem and Keebro peoples.



Primary Characters

  • Owen Walsh – Adjutant to Senator Stevens; son of William Walsh, 2nd president of the Olgardian republic.
  • Emmaline Rain – Titan’s Daughter, The Stoneman’s Daughter
  • Charlsey Roges – A man of mixed ethnicity
  • Chitniza – Torquecan woman, contracted worker to Amelia Redgrave
  • William Walsh – 2nd president of Olgard
  • James Randolph – 3rd president of Olgard
  • Jude Stevens – Baronite senator, Owen Walsh’s superior
  • Tyus Redgrave – Free Harrish senator, son of the late Secretary of State Daniel Redgrave
  • Isaiah Braswell – Adjutant to Senator Thumb of the Baronite Party; Owen Walsh’s friend
  • Mathias Potter – Baronite Party patriarch; identical twin to Brigand Potter, who killed Yestric, the 4th Deer King.
  • Napoleon Wright – Former Secretary of the Treasury under Norman Burgod, 1st president of Olgard
  • Gringold – A toughman who often works on behalf of the Baronite Party

Other Characters

  • Lucien Gringer – Harrish man engaged to Amelia Redgrave
  • Jeremiah Luck – Friend of Lucien Gringer and Tyus Redgrave
  • Rufus Arry – Vice President of Olgard
  • Duncan Broggs – Editor of the Anti-Monarchist Herald, second to Lucien Gringer
  • Doc Bickerstaff – Centichester physician in good standing with the Baronite Party
  • Cornelia Stevens – Jude Stevens’s wife
  • Constance Stevens Templeton – Jude Stevens’s daughter
  • Seth Templeton – Jude Stevens’s son-in-law
  • Priest Debin – A young priest of the Bronze Titan
  • Snowy Sam Girt – A bartender at Seford’s Place
  • Abner Cox – Adjutant to Briggs Shroud
  • Senator Briggs Shroud – Free Harrish senator, Senate majority leader
  • Senator Moxley – Baronite senator
  • Senator Thumb – Baronite senator
  • Senator Whitestone – Baronite senator
  • Senator Sterling Holmes – Free Harrish senator
  • Senator Edward Mountbain – Free Harrish senator
  • Senator Paul Thomas Tice – Free Harrish senator
  • Senator George Conway – Free Harrish senator


Characters Mentioned But Did Not Appear

  • Brigand Potter – Identical twin to Mathias Potter, founder of the Baronite Party in Olgard, killed Yestric, the 4th Deer King
  • Norman Burgod – 1st president of Olgard
  • Amelia Redgrave – Sister of Senator Tyus Redgrave
  • Baron Dyrirnotic – Famed Trufic Philosopher during the Great Awakening, author of The Spiriting Principles
  • Gerald Key – Famed Harrish Philosopher during the Great Awakening
  • High Priest Musk – High Priest of the Bronze Titan
  • Claius Caya – Ithiaian emperor of yore
  • Gabriella – Mathias Potter’s niece and caretaker
  • Abigail Walsh – Owen Walsh’s sister
  • Ambassador Chetworth – Ambassador to Tiderealm during the Burgod administration
  • George Pickwin – Former Free Harrish senator
  • Abel Francis – Former governor of the province of Barrensly
  • Marquis de Taranok – Nobleman from Trufic