The Deer King


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Common Massaporan Terms

  1. Bittirinu – Sweetened tobacco roll, used by the Massaporans.
  2. Dachahelu – Deer King
  3. Daiagox Ruu – Children’s Game
  4. De – Son
  5. Diyityi – Spell from the oldest language, the ancient tongue, loosely “to hold in death”
  6. Do – Daughter
  7. Fecheholo – Raven Queen
  8. iiwase – Spirit World
  9. Jogog – Children’s game
  10. jwonatuwe – loosely “magic force”
  11. Koeceti – one of the seven male chieftains of the Massaporan nation, authorized to speak on behalf of all Massaporans to other nations and territories.
  12. Olorusco – leafy, purple-brown product (plant) grown easily in temperate cliamtes; antidote to the Silver Worm, but highly addictive.
  13. Rute – No
  14. Showanai Hiip – Sacred Oral Language of the Massaporan, loosely “Broken Truth.”
  15. Weesh – Yes
  16. Wiswake – A paste made from the wood of the wiswake tree, grown deep in the forests of Wolfresh, near The Black Riddle.
  17. Wounwi – Children’s game



  1. Felling Day – Celebration of the Bronze Titan’s victory over lesser gods at the moment of creation. Celebrated in conjunction with the Harrolanders victories over what they consider to be lesser cultures.
  2. The Saving Stone, aka Doido’s pebble, aka Funatan Stone – a blue/grey stone that permits the user to locate the whereabouts of the Deer King.
  3. The Silver Worm – A poison used by Harrish masters to help them control their slaves.


(The Events in The Deer King: Novella One take place between 197 and 199 A.D. (A.D. stands for After Drey, meaning the arrival of the Harrish explorer Edward Drey in Tsadanli, later named Dreyland by the Harrish).

  • Brutus Rain – Emmaline Rain’s father.
  • Joseph Rain – Emmaline Rain’s brother.
  • Dillon and Regina Houghton – Emmaline’s Neighbors.
  • Boselmia – (aka the Fecheholo, aka the Raven Queen). Born in 128 A.D.
  • Prala – Boselmia’s brother, Shayo’s uncle. Born in 145 A.D.
  • Oostri – Breekish man.
  • Shayo – Boselmia (The Raven Queen’s) daughter.
  • Clay and Seywa – Oostri and Shayo’s children.
  • Kern – A priest of the Bronze Titan, keeper of the Saving Stones.
  • Doshensa – healer in the Massaporan village Kern visits. One of the Koeceti.
  • Twichi – Massaporan villager.
  • Edgar and Anne Broggs – Proprietor of the Last Traveler.
  • Doc Pritchard – Mossbane’s physician.
  • Reed Hall – Guest at the Last Traveler.
  • Henry Malls – Sheriff of Mossbane.