New Book – Many Savage Moons

First things first. I’ve written a novel entitled Many Savage Moons. It’s available now on Amazon in paperback. You can also read it on Amazon Kindle.

Curious what the book is about? Here you go:

In the space of an autumn afternoon, Nathaniel falls hard for Winter York, the beguiling, tattooed woman he meets at the local bookstore. The fact that she is avoiding another man only increases his interest. The perfect day ends on Winter’s couch, where a newly tattooed Nathaniel is entranced by Winter’s enigmatic sophistication. But then the man Winter is avoiding invades her home. When Nathaniel fights him off, he is sure the worst is over. Winter, however, insists that the man is capable of a strange and dark magic: once he touches someone, he can write them into dreams, dreams where that person can die. How does Winter know? She is the inspiration for the man’s fantasy book series, and she has seen her friends perish at the stroke of his pen.

Many Savage Moons is an unconventional love story full of literary references and haunting tattoos, set in a world where a writer wields fantastical powers over those who inspire his work. Straddling the literary and fantasy realms, Many Savage Moons is a genre-bending work.

As for the cover:

In one last bit of news, going forward I plan to post most of my updates about my writing life over on Ben Spencer Writes, my Substack newsletter. I will update the website every few months to keep it fresh. If you’re looking for more consistent news, I suggest signing up for the newsletter.

Thanks everyone!

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